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Make Cheap Clamps from PVC Pipe

I really don’t like PVC.  I’ve gone over the reasons for this in How and Why: A Do-it-yourself Guide, but suffice it to say that it’s anything but environmentally friendly.  However, when we moved into our new house there was a bunch of PVC in the garage.  Yesterday we were going to do some truck camping, but our truck doesn’t have a window on the topper so I wanted a way to cover the opening in case in rained.  (Or as it happened, in case it was windy and cold)  I grabbed a tarp, but I needed a way to hold it on so I made up these PVC clips in about 2 minutes.

How to Make a PVC Clip

1. Cut a section of PVC pipe about 2 inches wide

2. Cut the PVC so that the circle opens

These work great for holding tarps on cars, or tablecloths on picnic tables, holding things while glue dries, or any number of things.  They’re really handy to have in your trunk or in your camping box.

I hate to encourage anybody to buy new PVC but if you’ve got some sitting around or pull some out of a dumpster, this is a really handy thing to make out of it.

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