H-O-W & sometimes WHY

That says it doesn’t it?  This is kind of a continuation of my book, How & Why: A Do-it-yourself Guide.  It’s a place for me to pass along how-to articles before they go to zine or book.  I’m not going to post everything here, but having some place where I can post stuff right away will help me to write more often.  At least, I hope that’s the way it will work.  So when I get some DIY stuff written, I’ll start posting it here.  Right now I’m working on some music stuff because it’s winter and I don’t do a lot of bike building.  Hopefully this summer I’ll get some new bicycle stuff written too.  I’ve definitely got some ideas I want to work on. 

Occasionally (sometimes) I’ll post rants, the reasons I’m passionate about doing the things I do.  They’ll probably be precursors to articles destined for Resist zine.  Or this might be a good place for me to post time sensitive rantings that don’t make sense to print in Resist.  So you’ll get both, how and sometimes why.


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