Fixing a stripped strap knob on a guitar

My daughter bought an electric guitar recently.  She’d been using her mama’s, but wanted her own.  We found a nice one on clearance at the pawn shop.  She actually had a little money saved up, but didn’t have quite enough so she offered to do chores to pay off the amount she couldn’t cover.  The guitar was actually pretty nice.  Apparently they’d taken in a bunch of guitars and then they got lost in the backroom, so when they came out they had to go on clearance right away.  It’s got the Eddie Van Halen paint scheme, and it’s an odd brand nobody’s ever heard of, but it played well and sounded good.  So we brought it home with us.  The only problem with it was that one of the strap button screws was coming loose.  We fixed it at first by replacing it with a slightly bigger and slightly longer screw.  That held for a while, but eventually that one came loose too.

Esther asked how to fix it.  I suggested that she go look it up.  She found a forum where a guy suggested gluing in a couple toothpicks.  I suggested we go with a more permanent solution and get a dowel that actually fit the hole.  We picked up a little oak dowel at the hardware store, and cut off 2 or 3 inches.  We tested the fit of the dowel in the hole, and it was pretty much perfect.  It fit, but it was snug enough that it took some effort to get it in.  Esther used a tooth pick to get a decent amount of wood glue into the hole.  Then she twisted the dowel in as far as she should by hand.  I used a hammer to tap it in just a little further.

We let that dry overnight, then Esther used a flush cut saw to cut off the dowel even with the surface of the guitar.  I offered to let Esther drill the hole, but she preferred to have me do it.  She’s used a drill before, but this was just a little bit delicate.  I found a bit that was a little smaller than the original screw, and drilled down the center of the dowel.  She screwed the strap button back on and we were good to go.

Her mother’s guitar had developed the same problem, so we fixed that one next.

We didn't scratch it up fixing it, it was already like that


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