H-O-W & sometimes WHY

That says it doesn’t it?  This is kind of a continuation of my book, How & Why: A Do-it-yourself Guide.  It’s a place for me to pass along how-to articles before they get printed in a zine or book.  I’m not going to post everything here, but having some place where I can post stuff right away will help me to write more often.  At least, I hope that’s the way it will work.  So when I get some DIY stuff written, I’ll start posting it here.  Right now I’m working on some music stuff because it’s winter and I don’t do a lot of bike building.  Hopefully this summer I’ll get some new bicycle stuff written too.  I’ve definitely got some ideas I want to work on.

In the time it’s taken me to set up this blog, I’ve already finished writing a Lap Steel Guitar plan, so apparently it’s working.  That will be my first post after this little introductory post.

Occasionally (sometimes) I’ll post rants, the reasons I’m passionate about doing the things I do.  (Right now I’m doing a lot of reading on bicycle helmets) They’ll probably be precursors to articles destined for Resist zine.  Or this might be a good place for me to post time sensitive rantings that don’t make sense to print in Resist.  So you’ll get both, how and sometimes why.


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